Sell silane coupling agent KH-550

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silicon alkane coupling agent KH-550
Corresponding trademark at home and abroad :
A-1100 (U7S Unite carbon company )
Z-6011 (U7S Dow corning company )
KBM-903 (Japan Shin-Etsu Chemical Industry company )

Chemical Name:Gamma-Aminopropyltriethoxysilane

Molecular Structure:H2NCH2CH2CH2Si(OC2H5)3

Physical and Chemical Properties:
1. Appearance : Colorless and limpid liquid
2. Volume (%) : >=98.0
3. Density (250C g/cm3) : 0.938-0.942
4. Refraction light rate (nD25) : 1.419-1.421
5. Boiling point (0C ) : 217

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