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Silica-alumina catalyst compositions and to a process for converting hydrocarbonaceous feed using the catalyst are disclosed. The present invention relates to a highly homogeneous, amorphous silica-alumina cogel material, the attributes of which make it especially useful for the Hydroprocessing of hydrocarbonaceous feeds either alone or in combination with other catalysts. This invention relates to a highly homogeneous amorphous silica-alumina catalyst having a surface to bulk silica to alumina ratio (SB ratio) of from about 0.7 to about 1.3, preferably from about 0.8 to about 1.2, more preferably from about 0.9 to about 1.1, and most preferably 1.0 and a crystalline alumina phase present in an amount no more than about 10 %, preferably no more than about 5 %. A catalyst of the present invention exhibits higher activity and better product selectivity in comparison with other silica-alumina catalysts.