Sell silica gel from China

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We supply SIilica gel ranged with varied kinds of types, they are as follows:

1. Fine-pored Silica Gel Type A

2. Silica Gel Type C

3. Silica Gel Type B

4. Blue Silica Gel DL

5. Silica gel desiccant

6. Macro-pored Silica Gel

7. Silica Gel for Thin-layer Chromatography

8. Silica Gel for Column-layer Chromatography

9. Color- Variable Silica Gel

10. Silica Gel FNC

11. Silica Gel for Beer

12. High efficient Drier

13. Silica Sol

14. Macro-pored Micro-spherical Silica Gel

15. Silica Gel for Variable-Pressure Adsorption

16. Silica Gel cat litter

17. Silica Alumina Gel

18. Silica Gel Plates
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