Sell silica gel

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Silica gel have high adsorption feature, stable thermal performance, stable physical property and relatively high mechanical strength, etc. We can supply you the following silica gel:

a. Industrial silica gel
Fine-pored silica gel Macro-pored silica gel
Silica gel type B Silica gel Desiccant for packing
Blue silica gel Macro-pored microspherical silica gel
Silica-alumina gel Silica gel FNG
Silica gel Type C Silica sand for pets

b. Silica gel used for preparation, analysis, medical and food additive purpose
Silica gel for thin-layer chromatography Silica gel for column-layer chromatography
Activated silica gel Silicic acid
Silica-gel-drying tablet Silica gel for beer industry
Silica gel plate Silica gel desiccant for packaging

c. Silica gel packed in small bag: 1g,2g,3g,5g, etc.