Sell silicon Nitride Ceramic

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The introduction of main products (Si3N4) :

7 chemical engineering pump-used and caldron-used mechanical seal ring.
7 The products of all kinds of shaft, bushing, plunger, cylinder, bearing and so on.
7 Temperature-measuring thermocouple sleeve pipes, all kinds of airflow pipes and sand-blast pipes of high temperature endurable, corrosion endurable, deterioration endurable and so on.
7 All kinds of mechanical spares and blades of corrosion endurable, high temperature endurable, deterioration endurable and so on.

The silicon nitride?engineering ceramic is a new-type modern engineering material, which has a lot of excellent performance. Such as high-intensity high hardness strong corrosin endurable, high temperature and so on. So it is widely used in the fields of metallurgy, chemical engineering machinery, aerospace and so on. Which in the flgure are all kinds of azotized silicon products.

Engineering ceramic parts performance and application fields
Excellent corruption resistance performance, can be applied for various chemical liquid except hydrofluoric acid only.
High temperature anti-oxygenation, low denaturalization, high intension, anti-abrasion, anti-thermal vibration and insulation performance
Excellent self lubricating, low abrasion coefficient performance is the idea material for the structural engineering, it can replace various alloy metal and stainless steel.
Application fields:

All types of pump sealing attrition secondary movement ring, shaft bush for chemical pump, hydraulic pump, sandy pump, gluing pump, magnetic force pump shaft, bearing handle ring, and pole lever for metallurgy, geography and petroleum fields.
High abrasion and high corruption fluid substance conveying parts, spray nozzle of various industrial kiln, plate pieces, radiation plate, box bowl, thermocouple protective bush and desulfurizing equipment spray nozzle.