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Jiaxin Precise specializes in precise metal processing especially on silicon steel laminations including EI laminations, Double E Laminations, LTL laminations, Stator / Rotator Laminations. . . TFor EI silicon steel laminations, the part numbers are including EI-28, EI-30, EI-35, EI-41, EI-41-2H, EI-48, EI-48-2H, EI-54, EI-57, EI-57-2H/4H, EI-60, EI-66, EI-66-4H, EI-76.2, EI-76.2-4H, EI-85.8, EI-85.8-4H, EI-96, EI-96-4H, EI-105-4H, EI-120-4H, EI-133.2-4H, EI-150-4H, EI-171-4H. . . . . . Besides, we also have non-standard LTL laminations and Motor core laminations. We can provide laminations with hole or without hole and accept the OEM or customization. For Motor Stator/ Rotator laminations, we can provide stacking or non-stacking. . . Materials: a) Bao Steel : B50A1000, B50A800, B50A600, B50A470, B35A550, B35A440; b) Tai Steel : 50TW800, 50TW600, 50TW1000, 50TW470; c) Wu Steel: 50WW1300, 50WW800, 50WW600, 50WW470, 350WW360, 350WW310; d) An Steel: 50AW1300, 50AW1000, 50AW800, 50AW600, 50AW470. Applicable to various Transformers, Ballasts and Motor Stators/Rotators, ignitors, . . .
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
1000 tons per month
Model Number
EI-35, EI-41, EI-48, EI-57...
Minimum Order Quantity
3000 KG