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Big Girls are exactly the same shape as the Supremes,
but designed for girls who want a youthful bounce,
jiggle and projection rather than the softer bounce and sway of the Supremes Supremes Breast Forms.

The Big Girls breast forms are large rounded,
very full projection breast forms.
The delightful projection is maintained in a bra because the firmer silicone resists being squashed down.
As firm as a young womans breast with the natural bounce and jiggle of youth.

These forms have a large, firm projection without while still feeling like natural breasts.
These very large, guaranteed, breast forms are only $299.95 . This includes free shipping and no taxes.
Realistic bouncy breast forms feel like real breasts.
A pair of these breast forms are 6 lbs. of pure pleasure.
Warm to your body and to your touch.
Can be worn up your chest or across your chest to suit your body or clothing.
Watch them come alive in a full cup, soft front bra.
Mildly concave to reduce weight while maintaining shape and bounce.
The curved back of the form also works well for heavier girls with developed pecs or breast tissue.
Forms go up to a fully projecting 58A.
Lots of projection without being too wide for your chest.
For even more projection, place a small pair of breast forms behind the Big Girls.
Soft as a natural youthful breast. This amazing silicone breast form feels firm and natural
They move like Jello in an Earthquake!
Guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials (see note below) .