Sell silicone glassfibre sleeving

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Silicone fiberglass sleeve, woven as sleeve by non-alkali fiberglass and coated with silicone in high temperature. It has excellent dielectricity, automatic quench and softness, widely used in the insulation protection of internal line cluster in H&N machinery, household electrical appliances, electro-heat device, special illuminations, TV set and electric instrument.
Technical index: volume resistance: 10"(Ohms)cm automatic quench time: 10 seconds
Type/Certification no. Testing condition Inflammability Heat resistance Breakdown voltage grade Average voltage Individual
SGS-15 E233804 UL1441 UL VW-1 +2000-100 C 1500V 1000V
SGS-25 E233804 UL1441 UL VW-1 +2000-100 B 2500V 1800V
SRS-70 E233803 UL1441 UL VW-1 +2000-100 A 7000V 5000V
Inside diameter:
Inside diameter Wall thickness
Nominal Tolerance Grade A Grade B, C
0.5-2.5mm +0.20-0.00mm 0.38mm10.05mm 0.18mm10.05mm
3.0-4.0mm +0.25-0.00mm 0.46mm10.05mm 0.23mm10.05mm
5.0-6.0mm +0.35-0.00mm 0.50mm10.05mm 0.28mm10.05mm
7.0-9.0mm +0.50-0.00mm 0.54mm10.05mm 0.32mm10.05mm
10.0-14.0mm +0.70-0.00mm 0.64mm10.05mm 0.43mm10.05mm
15.0-25.0mm +0.80-0.00mm 0.64mm10.05mm 0.43mm10.05mm
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Supply Capacity
5000meter Per month
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