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Product Name: Straight Coupling Silicone Hose
Model Number: SRS01
Place of Origin: China

1) It is a silicone rubber construction with smooth wipe down finish
2) Temperature range -500C to 2600C
3) Thickness range: 2mm to 5mm with one to four mesh
4) Polyester or nomex layers to enable high temp and pressure than original rubber
hose does
5) It is excellent resistance to UV, water, ozone and oxygen
6) Reinforcement is made with polyester or nomex

We now provide silicone hose and hose clamp:
1) Straight and coupling silicone hoses
2) Hump silicone hose
3) Reducers silicone hoses
4) Elbow silicone hoses
5) Elbow reducers silicone hoses
6) U-shape silicone hoses
7) T-shape silicone hoses
8) Custom OEM hoses (with your logo on it)
9) We are capable of processing according to your drawings or samples
10) Extruding silicone hoses

W also can supply hose clamps (like T- bolt clamps, America type, German type and
Italia type clamp, although extremely durable) . Silicone hoses are fairly soft, so it is important to use a high- quality hose clamp that will not cut into the hose. We supply rolled- edge stainless steel T- bolt clamps, ideal for use with silicone hose.

Product specifications:
1) Material: silicone rubber.
2) Working temperature: - 40 ~ 2400C (polyester) - default materials
3) Working temperature: - 50 ~ 2600C (nomex) - optional materials which is 2
times of above prices
4) Pressure: 0.3 to 0.9MPa
5) Thickness: 2mm to 5mm
6) Reinforcement is made up 1 to 4 layers of polyester or nomex

Hose specifications:
1) Standard color: blue
2) Color options: black/red/green/purple/yellow/orange
3) Standard hose max. temperature: ~ 2400C
4) Size tolerance: +/- 0.5mm
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