Sell silicone mosquito repellent wristband

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This wrist band is manufactured with silicone with a natural essence of citronella oil to be effective against mosquitoes and bugs.
Direction for use, The wrist band is perfect for both indoor and outdoor activities such as jogging, camping, fishing, picnic, hunting, as well as other outdoor places. It can be worn as a mosquito repellent protection on wrist or ankle.
Level of frangrance, Puncture any of the five holes on the top part of the wrist band for desired level of fragrance.
Precautions, For external use only, do not swallow, Follow and read label instructions before use. In case of allergic reactions, cease use immediately, In event of accidental contact of citronella oil with mouth or eyes, rinse thoroughly, store in a safe place store and keep in cool, dry place.