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Silicone sealant: It is two-component and can be squeezed viscous fluid. After squeezed, it is non-sag, invariance and the color is mainly black. It is used for the bonding and sealing of the panel wall glass which endure the pressure from the long- time sunlight, rain, snow, wind and the larger extent of the joint displacement.

Product characteristics:
1. The insulating glass which made according the DS-402 is in line with the international GB-11944 performance standards.
2. The excellent bonding effect applies to all kinds of glass.
3. It is neuter curing, non-toxic and non-corrosive.
4. Excellent resistance to high and low temperature of - 50 0 c to - 150 0c with high structural intensity.
5. After curing, it has excellent weathering characteristics and good resistance to UV, high temperature and humidity performance.
6. No restriction of matching batch number.

Basic purpose: