Sell silk and spun silk fabrics

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we provide the silk fabric like georgette 10101,10102,10103; habotai 11117,111216,11160,11161,11228,11381,11381-1; crepe de chine 12101,12102,12103,12104,12776,12778,12777; satin 14101,14654,14656,14106,14107,14114,14116,14117,14118; douppion13452,13454,13456,13458,13459,13495
the weight can be reached from 8mm to 40mm
we also produce spun silk fabrics. these fabrics including in spun silk blended or interwoven with linen , cotton, wool. The yarn can be reached from 10N to 210N/2.
We also have double breadth rapier. even the wide width like 300cm width can be woven by our factory.
each year, about 500 hundred new fabrics are designed by us. we can supply you a lot for reference.