Sell silk fabric printed and dyed to perfection

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Product synopsis

Craft and quality : We are the specialized factory of producing the pure silk printing and dyeing products. The complete set introduction may be called the world printing industry first-class production equipment and the craft, the dye printing precision also is first-class. The company uses the import environmental protection to influence the material to carry on the production, conforms to the domestic international environmental protection standard. The company has an annual production capacity of 3 million meters silk printing and dying products, as well as builds up the white-refining silk 1 million meters, 70% for export product.

Product characteristic: The color gorgeous, the experience enduring is new ; The dye printing is fine, stereoscopic effect; Each level clearly demarcated, the design is vivid; The color rich, the expression is perfect.

Main product: On male and female clothing fabric, night clothes fabric, bed thing fabric, dining entertainment special-purpose fabric, as well as fabric and present, complimentary gift, souvenir and pure silk , silk handkerchief, tie, etc.

Main achievement: Our company have already developed the pure silk series present with respective characteristic, the complimentary gift, the souvenir for the domestic and foreign companies. The product sells in distant markets places such as North America, Europe , Southeast Asia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia.

Our company develop the scarf , tie for France Company with the work of renowned painter Monet , Van Gogh, raises in the French museum rushes to purchase the tide; Our company developed the brand for the American company and received the enormous high praise.

Our company and three stars museum promotes jointly to pile the cultural relic silk souvenir series silk handkerchief, the tie obtains communicates tourist's affection; As well as with Jiuzhaigou traveling administrative bureau unit exploitation Jiuzhaigou scenery silk handkerchief, the tie, handkerchief and tablecloth, etc. received the customers high praise.

Partner: Overseas throws the capital to have world famous Pepsi Cola Corporation, the international pure silk profession well-known enterprise Italy Latty technology company, South Korea is new and the fabric joint-stock company, the domestic investor mainly is the Sichuan silk company.