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The Santak inverters have been tailor-made for the telecommunication
industry. They comply with the Chinese YD/T777-1999 standard called
"the Inversion Equipment for Telecommunication" and have been
awarded a network entry license by the Ministry of Information Industry.

With 48V DC input, the inverters put out 220VAC sine wave power at
extremely low noise and high reliability. They are widely used with small
and medium scale computer, data exchangers, telegraphic terminals,
wireless paging equipment, micro-wave telecommunication equipment,
PBX, rear-side management systems, telephone distribution systems,
group exchange systems and tolling systems and other equipment that
require stable and reliable sine wave power supply.

1) Extremely low return noise and no disturbance to talking quality
2) Use-friendly interface, LED simulative display, LCD digital display
and computer screen display of inverter operation status
3) RS232 port, smart power management software, automatic file
saving and shutting down at power abnormalities
4) Special charging system design for better protection of battery life
5) Short circuit, overload, overload, over voltage and low battery
6) Compatible with generators and suitable for harsh environment
where power voltage is extremely unstable
7) With standard on-line structure (three ports) and can be used as UPS

Models: G1000, G2000, G3000

1) Capacity: 1KVA (800W) , 2KVA (1400W) , 3KVA (2100W)
2) Output voltage: 220VAC15%
3) Frequency: 50Hz11%
4) Waveform: sine wave (T. H. D) linear load
5) Efficiency: >=75%, >=80%
6) DC input voltage: 40VDC~57VDC
7) Current/wide band noise: <10%
8) Current/return band noise: <=2 of the input current
9) AC input voltage: 220VAC120%
10) Frequency: 50Hz13%
11) Protection: high output voltage, battery low, overload, short circuit
12) LED display: normal, inverter, load and battery's percentage
13) LCD display: input and output voltage/frequency, battery voltage,
14) Communication interface: RS232 port
15) Figuration display inverter status, normal, failure, battery capacity,
load, temperature, automatic file saving and computer shutdown
16) Noise: <45dB, <55dB
17) Temperature: 0oC ~ 40oC
18) Humidity: 20% ~ 90% (non-condensing)
19) We accept order with special specifications

Dimensions: (W x D x H) : 330 x 140 x 320mm, 556 x 194 x 400mm
N. W. : 15kg, 31.5kg, 33kg
G. W. : 17kg, 33.5kg, 35kg

Specifications only for reference, subject to change without prior notice.

330 x 140 x 320mm, 556 x 194