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General description:
ADL-627W is single component neutral RTV silicone adhesive. It makes condensation reaction through the moisture in the air, produce low molecule and occur crosslinking, finally vulcanized into high performance elastomer. The solidified elastomer has good electrical performance: anti ageing, high and low temperature resistance, insulation, no swelling, and has good bonding ability to most metal and non-metal materials, and can use for the sealing of many kinds of electronic components and electronic products, no pollution to surrounding environment.

1. Bonding: for elastic bonding of most metal and non-metal materials, especially for those that has special requirement to temperature, it also can be used as waterproof and dampproof adhesive agent of all kinds of apparatus.
2. Sealing: chemical equipment, sight glass, electric appliance, small home electric appliance. Especially suitable for induction oven, crystallite plate, medical equipment and food equipments.

Firstly carry out proper pretreatment to the surface of the object, to remove corruption, besmirch, oil that might affect the bonding or sealing, then cut off the sealed cap, install special muzzle or use special injector according the thickness of the coating. After spreading, leave the gel dry for some time according to different environment temperature and humidity, let the gel absorb moisture in the air and solidified. If it is used for gluing, it should be piled before solidifying.

1. Usually 6-15 minutes for surface dry, completely dry after 24 hours, and after 7 days it reached the intensity. Do not use force before it is not completely dry.
2. Maintain good ventilation during construction and solidification
3. Avoid eye contact with the gel when it is not solidified.
4. Seal and preserve, prevent drenching and damp. Preserve below 270 in shade, preserve period is 6 months.
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