Sell single lever luxury shower mixer

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1) Product Quality assurance for 6 years:
Our company assure consumer that we can provide free maintenance service to return to normal condition if happen quality problems in the normal using.
2) Importation precision ceramic spindle:
Using the imported ceramic spindles, ceramic materials for the latest technology meticulously manufacturing, durable watertight, tested life up to 500,000, while the number reached more than 200,000, torque remains unchanged, with a very smooth operation effort, and feel excellent.
3) conform to the United States standards that less than 3% of plumbum:
Using high-quality copper ingot, with the United States NSF strictly unleaded standards on the human body without harm, the concept of environmental protection, conform to the world's development needs, will the Good Companion is your home, your drinking water, clean water healthier.
4) Special coatings and keep gloss:
All the leading suite of computer castings are remote manipulator grinding, the surface is smooth and uniform plating quality, appearance and is corrosion. PVD advanced vacuum coating of guarantees of non-bleaching, keep luster.
5) the tight-adaptation:
Use Switzerlands advanced equipment and technology of low pressure cast not only caused a faucet on the perfect appearance led to the taps possess excellent quality, fitness, leak proof, 100% produced before the test, so that users rely on the good graces.