Sell single phase prepaid electrical meter

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1. Product Introduction
DDSYthe single-phase electronic formula IC card electrical energy table uses the large scale integrated circuit, has the periphery part
few, structure simple, the reliability is high, the power loss low status characteristic, may use in measuring the rating is the 50Hz single phase AC the electrical energy.
This product may install in the room or outdoor electric instrument box, adapts in the ambient temperature is -30 0----+55 0, therelative humidity is not bigger than under 85% condition to use.
This product each performance index conforms to GB/T8283 and in IEC1036-96 standard to single-phase electronic formula electrical energy table complete specification.

2. Function and Features.
Used to measure active energy, can normally work over long time without adjustment;
Prepaid by IC card;
Indicative function for phase loss or voltage indication;
One meter one card, with good anti-counterfeit feature;
Low energy alarm; auto power shut-off with no energy;
Large-capacity magnet latching relay, low consumption and high reliability;
Present wattage, surplus wattage, accumulated wattage, load setting value, alarm wattage, maximum load and current load display;
Deata write-back function, to write back accumulated wattage, surplus wattage, overload frequency, abnormal power using time and energy pulse constant to the electric power distribution system.

3. Main Technical Data
Rated voltage: 220V
Nominal frequency: 50Hz
Basic electric current: 5 (20) V 5 (30) V 10 (40) A 15 (60) A
Accuracy rank: 1.0 levels of 2.0 levels
Initial firing current: 0.4% (1.0 levels) 0.5% (2.0 levels) the
basic electric current dives the merit: Has guards against the
creeping logical design