Sell single point diamond dresser and forming dresser

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* Specification:
1. It is designed to dress front and lateral surface of abrasive wheels. We produce this with a good selection of diamond point which has excellent wear resistance.

2. As it is important factor to determine quality level of dresser that diamond size is decided according to grit size, diameter and shape of abrasive wheels, exact information is required when ordering.

1. It is used to dress abrasive wheels with complicated form as well as for input / output shaft & crank shaft of automobile, and dressing work is carried out with modifications of angle of dresser according to shape of abrasive wheels.
2. It is normal for Chisel type to have the angle of both edges with minus degree for securing strength. Radius value of edges is determined by the shape of abrasive wheels, but R0.3~0.5 is regarded as ranges of most suitable wear resistance.
3. Cone type is made to have such advantages as keeping workpiece from chattering, and as extension of life time. But careful attention is needed as dresser is in danger of etting broken by shock from Radius change of abrasive wheel which is caused by wearing of old dresser when mounting new dresser.
- Single Point Dresser
- Chisel Dresser
- Cone Dresser
- Reischauer Dresser
- Pyramid Shaped Dresser
- For normal abrasive wheels and abrasive wheels for Bearing
- For processing of Input shaft / Output shaft
- For procession of Crankshaft and Gear
- For abrasive wheels for procession of other car parts