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Edible gelatin, made from animals skin and bone, is used extensively in the food industry(as food additive) and pharmaceutical
Specifications and features:
1. Jelly Strength(12.5%) :504bloom
2. Viscosity(12.5%) :82mps-160mps
3. Ashes:1.6% Max
4. Moisture:16%Max
5. Sight Sense:Light yellow or off white to primrose yellow in shape of Granules without impurity in sight
6. Smell and Taste:Typical, Free from Disagreeable Tastes and odors(no foul odor and taste, No peculiar odor and taste)
7. Productive Capability:100mt/month.
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1. Raw Meterial:Made of Healthy Bone Chips and slaughtered cattle/pig skin.
2. Ourmanufactureprocess:Extraction, Purification, Concentration, Polishing Filtration, Drying, Grinding, Sifting and Blending.
3. Gelatin which contains 18 kinds of Amino Acids Human Need Has many incomparable characteristics in food stuff as food additive such as gelatinizer, stabilizer, Thickener, Foamer Swelling Agent.
4. Application:Ice Cream, Frozen Meat, Salad, Pudding, Instant Noodles, Health Food, Yolk Juice, Beer Clarifier, Cheese and Dairy, Sausage, etc.
5. Packing:25kgs Net in Bag
Brand Name
Minimum Order Quantity
1 ton