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Patent product 'sleepy-overcome worm'--electronic balance style anti-sleepy alarm, which is an equipment by right of electronic balance principle wore on drivers' ears. Drivers may be sleepy in the course of driving, when their heads lean forward, the equipment produces alarm to awake them so as to avoid traffic accidents.

Currently, driving vehicles during long-distance travel or on flat and straight roads will make drivers feel sleepy. And to this kind of driving, we suggest using 'sleepy-overcome worm', because at the time drivers feel tired or something nervous, it can guarantee your safety.

'Sleepy-overcome worm'--drivers' security angel.

[Use range]
This product is not only suitable for drivers, but also for supervisors of electrical apparatus, nights screen duty people in TV stations and so on.

[Technical data]
1. obliquity of alarm: 150-200
2. rating sound pressure: 85dB
3. batteries type: AG5 (1.5V) *2 pcs batteries
4. life-span of batteries: two years
5. Package:Leather Pouch& Gift Box Packing, Blister Packing
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Supply Capacity
200.000/per month
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