Sell slim light box

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HJ-D0G Slim light box (recommend)
1. it can be a light box after connect the power, cut off the power it change to be a mirror, novelty and applicability. 2. using import plating film glass, clip opening design, easy to change image. 3. add inducting power, it can be a light box, it also can be a mirror.4. using native high efficiency metal board that conduct the light, light uniformity,5. pure aluminium-alloy frame, modern and fashionable.6. low cost and high return, electricity power cost are only 30% of normal light box. 7. digital electronic ballasts, high-efficient fluorescent lamp of three base color (all slim light box can operate over 12000 hour)

G type dimension: (dimension mm, Power consumption w)
Item Number Viewing Window Size Light Image Size Visual
Light Tube Power Consumption
G12W50 500X350 440X290 430X270 4.2 12WX2
G20W60 600X450 540X390 520X370 4.2 20WX2
G22W80 800X600 740X540 720X520 4.2 22WX2
G24W95 950X650 890X590 870X570 4.2 24WX2
G26W110 1100X700 1040X640 1020X620 4.2 26WX2
G26W125 1250X800 1190X740 1170X720 4.2 28WX2