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Supper Spiral Vibration Slimming Belt stimulates the points that will be helpful to your weight loss, it can decompose the fat into piece, you will gain the result of slimming without any side effect.

Eliminating-toxin is harmful to human health; It can penetrate into human
body by pollution, skin contacting, deviant dining, or pressure. Pressure will
result in astriction, windy or others, which add toxin to your enteron. Bad
toxin eliminating affects immunity system as well as health. It high
performance slimming belt will stimulate guan-yuan point, so as to promote
the excretion of toxin and absorb of nutrition

Massage is one of the most traditional treatment methods, which can eliminate muscle paralysis and leg spasm. It can also promote blood circulation. Blood circulation system delivers blood to each organ, lymph system delivers toxin and waste to lymph ocyte for filtration, then, the blood will take them away from your body. It high performance slimming belt can stimulate the two systems and promote blood circulation, lymph circulation through spiral operation.