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Type: parallel
Eyepiece:10x; 16X
Total Magnification:6X; 10X; 16X; 25X; 40X
Diameter of Visual Field: x15mm; x10mm; x6mm
Diopter Adjustment: 10X eyepiece: 16D; 16X eyepiece: 115D
Slit Height: 1mm~8mm continuously adjustable
Slit Width: 0mm~9mm continuously adjustable
Aperture Diameter: x9, x8, x5, x3, x2, x0.2mm
Slit Angle: 00~1800
Slit Inclination: 00~230
Magnification: 2 / 3X
Filter: heat absorption, grey, red free, cobalt blue
Input Voltage:110V 220V110 60/50Hz
Input Power: 58VA
Illumination Bulb: 12V30W halogen bulb
Fixation Bulb: red LED
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
15 days
Minimum Order Quantity
Terms of Payment
Warranty Coverage
2 years