Sell slit lamp-ophthalmic diagnostic medical equipment (SLM-3)

slit lamp-ophthalmic diagnostic medical equipment (SLM-3) You May Also Be Interested In: diagnostic equipment diagnostic medical equipment ophthalmic diagnostic slit lamp slit lamp microscope
Main configuration:
Equipped with colour image collection system: able to conduct digital reducibility of the caught picture
3 kinds of monitor modes: ocular, monitor and LCD, which can display images directly
All round visible lecturing functions
Case memory function: long time memory of case pictures , which can better deal with any possible disputes raised by patients.
Picture comparison function: can compare the effect of therapy.
Analyze focus of disease, measure, compute and strenthen images.
Equipped with colour jet printer: printout of images.
SLM-3 slit lamp microscope
3 maga pixels colour digital collection system
Special digital image optical terminal
Flat colour monitor
Main computer unit
Special image collection card
Special cranny light image treatment software
Imported high-resolution colour jet printer