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Fundamentals: the high-frequency vibration massage stick is a healthcare product that quickly dredges obstacles in flow of blood and promotes blood circulation. It is a sign of human wisdom to relieve fatigue and pain by employing massage instruments. According to the principles of high-frequent vibration, light lows and massage on the body can help break through blocked vessels, particularly capillary ends where the function of blood exchange when blood flows from artery to veins will become unimpeded promptly. At the same time, the functions of the lymph distributing on the upper layer of body surface will also be strengthened. Based on the fundamentals of human physiology and after many an experience, plus with reasonable and tight structure, these products can yield high-frequent vibration that can beautify the skin, make the hypodermis solid, the blood vessel dilatation, help the skin tension and elasticity return to normal and dispel fatigue.