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Model: RC500 Series
Conventional Photoelectric Smoke Alarm RC500 series

Advanced photoelectric technology

RC500 series optical smoke detectors
RC500 series optical smoke detectors are designed to respond to a wide spectrum of fires and ease installation.
Every unit is individually tested and calibrated to ensure high reliability and prevent false alarms.

2-wire optical smoke detector-----

4-wire optical smoke detector with relay output


* Advanced photoelectric smoke sensing technology
* Durable sensor head; excellent smoke access
* (auto reset) function for security systems
(optional for 4 wire models)
* N/C (normal/close) -N/O (normal/open) selectable relay output
* Easy installation and maintenance
* Modern design (white and beige colors)
* Freq. :3~5 sec
* Five-year limited warranty
Available options
* Sensor base: standard and shottky diode
* Remote led
* Comply with EN54 and CE
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