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"Pot God" smokeless pots have three technology advantages:
1, Titanium superconducting material.
Titanium alloy material, one-batch forming, integration of conduction, convection, and the hard magnetic radiation theory, thermal conductivity coefficient will up to 175 which four times faster than iron, fast heat transfer, uniform heating, no partial high temperature, in the cooking process, cooking oil remain volatile pyrolysis and in the critical temperature (240 0 C) , therefore no oil smoke produced.
2, NC exquisite micro-computer screw-thread nonstick pan-technology.
Using computer-NC exquisite screw-thread nonstick process. Outside screw-thread will increase heat area to avoid heat loss and accelerate heat conduction, prevent sliding between pan and gas stoves; Inner screw-thread with the performance of "hot-air cushion ease", will achieve permanent physical nonstick which ensure the food no paste and no burnt.
3, Germany superhard one-batch forming technical.
Germany superhard one-batch forming technique which originated from German engine manufacturing technology. The hardness of pan surface will up to 2000MP that can use shovel, brush or any steel metal utensils, Life is 5-10 times longer than general pot.
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Pot God
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