Sell soad cream( prevents excess hair from growing ) natural 100 %

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a great natural 100 % cream from cyperus plant it weaken roots of hair and then stop hair for ever woman can use the cream at any part where excess hair is found
no side effects , suitable for sensitive skin
natural 100 % , thousands of women used it

. the plant scientific name in English is cyperus It is a relative of papyrus of the Nile river.
how to use
after removing hair from roots ( by any way wax, etc. . ) apply the soad cream daily on the required place for 2 month it is preferred that you put it at night and sleep with it , the second day wash your skin
you use it for 2 month and get rid of hair for ever
What is soad plant? it is a plant that its extract is used to inhibit and prevent hair growth this soad cream is used by thousands of ladies in Egypt
it comes in 40 gram
Condition of Goods
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
100 units
40 gram