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I hope to establish between us good trade for the mutual benefit of our two establishments. .
Alep was known since strong a long time by the manufacture of the soap at base the oil of bay-tree, manufactured manually of best oils of bay-tree and the olive oil. This product is very snuffed by many biological &beauty and care stores which adopts it among their articles of sales bio. . . For that,
I wish well to quote of my soap products to you which I prepared with a high oil rate of natural bay-tree, with packing in tournament traditional, quite presentable, marking the quality and the naturalness of this soap.
1_ Soap of Alep to the oil of bay-tree with its form naturalness and old, the weight of the part is 200 +-10 gr. (because its production is manual) , the oil rate of bay-tree of 30%, olive oil 60%, is packed in paperboards, each paperboard contains 75 parts.
-Soap of Alep to the oil of bay-tree moulded in round form, the weight of the part is 100 gr. , the rate of oil of bay-tree is 24%, olive oil 66%, in very beautiful presentation, each case contains 100 parts.