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Soapnut is the sources of an originally natural surfactant with the best cleansing efficiency in the world. It is a nautral substance that would act as effective as normal detergent and foam produts, and would furthermore beautify your body, maintain healty and protect environment.
In addition to cleansing benefit, it can even prevent bacteria's further growth, remove scurf, whiten, fade spots, and moisten skin. Moreover, It can remove and reduce pesticide and chemical residues. Besides, Its seed is rich in Linolenic Acid, Saponin, Vitamin C, Tyrosine, Glycine, Alanine, Hutin, Oil, Protein, and etc, and the tree is easy to be cultivated to over hundred years old with plentiful yield.
Being the biggest soapnut supplier and with the most advanced extracting and purifying technologies, we are confident of our quality and quantity.
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