Sell soccer table

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"Table dimensions: 140 x 75 x 87.5cm / 55.1""x 29.5""x 34.4""/
4.6'x 2.5' x 2.9'
Playfield: 12mm MDF, 118 x 69.5cm / 46.5"" x 27.4"" /
3.9'x 2.3'
Aprons: 25mm laminated MDF, 40cm wide
Player rods: 16mm strong chromium steel (Solid)
Goalie Rod: Choice between one and three men goalie
Players: ABS
Bearings: Ball bearings
Scorers: Plastic manual slide scorers (C or D)
Balls: 3pcs included (B1)
Ball insert: At each side apron
Ball return: Internal at player¡ ¯ s side
Legs: Square shaped hollow legs, 11 x 11cm,
16mm MDF with additional chrome steel bar
Leg levelers: Ø13cm chrome plated