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Soda Ash Light

Properties :
White crystal powder, easily soluble in water, water solution is alkali. Easily absorbing moisture and CO2 if exposing in the air.

Mainly used in glass-manufacturing, chemical industry, metallurgy, paper, dye, synthetic washes and petrochemistry.
Packing : 25/40kg/ pp

Alias : Sodium Carbonate Light

Formula : Na2CO3

Standard : GB210.1-2004

Average level of 2004
Total alkalinity(as na2co3 in dry base) % 399.2 99.44
Chloride content(as nacl) % #0.70 0.53
Iron content(as fe in dry base) /% #0.003 0.0009
Sulphate content(as so4 in dry base) /% #0.03 <0.03
Water insoluble matter /% #0.03 0.009
Loss on ignition a/ % #0.5 0.16
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