Sell soda water dispenser

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Bottle-water Soda Water Dispenser

The soda water dispenser is ideal for the home or light commercial use. You can make soda water, cola, and other aerated soft drink by yourself at home. You can also get common pure water if you do not use the beverage.

The thickness of body cover and top cover is 2.5mm and 3.2mm respectively, which is more durable and solid to avoid depression in service.

The internationally leading metallic temperature control features ensure accuracy and safety.

The automatic temperature-controller effectively prevents water dispenser from dry boiling.

The leading inert gas protected argon arc welding is used in hot water tank to prevent oxidation and rusting and ensure a healthy tank.

Cold water tank is fully made of top quality plastic with inside vibration-proof structure and big radiating fin, it features good cooling effect and quick cooling speed.

Multi-function Soda Water Dispenser

This design can use bottle water or be plumbed directly into the mains water supply and provides pure chilled water as well as hot. It is ideal for the home or light commercial use. The unique soda water aerating water dispenser is capable to make various aerated beverages such as soda water, cola beverage, sprite and orange soda.

The cold water tank is designed with an extra large capacity of 1.35 L and the cold water output is 1.5L/h. It features a high cooling efficiency.

The innovative rotary single faucet designed with a common outlet of hot water and cold water, which reduces the surface contacting outside ambient. The rotary faucet is more convenient in use and more reasonable in design. The twin-temperature ceramic core has long life and prevents water from leaking effectively.

The vertical unit is equipped with a 45L refrigerator cabinet so that you can reserve other drinks or fruits at the same time.

R. O. Drink Water System

This advanced water dispenser is plumbed directly into the water supply and provides pure chilled water as well as hot without the need to constantly buy and store replacement bottles.
This pure water dispenser incorporates a four-stage filtration process. It removes particles, tastes, and odors; using a high-tech reverse osmosis membrane, 97% of dissolved materials such as chalk and contaminants.

Bottled water for regular non plumbed-in water dispensers are heavy to lift and presents a health and safety risk at work. What's more, the bottles are expensive, take up valuable storage space and you can't be sure of the origin of the water in the bottles. With the pure water dispenser you get 100% guaranteed pure water without any of the hassles and expense of regular water dispensers.

A re-mineralisation cartridge then restores the mineral balance to produce a natural, wholesome taste. This is the ultimate in water purification technology and delivers the best quality water whenever you need it.

Not only does the pure water dispenser provide superior chilled refreshment below 15 ? but it also incorporates a heater to provide filtered hot water around 90 ? for the best tasting tea, coffee and hot drinks. This ensures you get delicious beverages every time and it's much more convenient than having to wait around for a kettle to boil. This will save staff time and increase customer service when used commercially.

The reverse osmosis function of the pure four-stage water dispenser requires the unit to have a drain connection.