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SODIUM ACETATE (acetato de sodio, acetate de sodium, natriumacetat) is a "vintage" chemical that continues to find new applications in this ever-changing technological world.
Traditional applications of this buffering agent include the leather tanning and dye industries. Sodium acetate is used in TANNING to effect a more even and rapid penetration of the tan. In the TEXTILE industry, sodium acetate is considered a dye and color intermediate, with specific use as a mordant in the dyeing process. Because of its ability to remove insoluble calcium salts, sodium acetate is further used by the textile industry to improve the wearing quality of finished fabrics.
Sodium acetate is considered one of the best agents available for the neutralization of mineral acids. It is commonly used in SOAPMAKING.
The FOOD industry relies on sodium acetate as a buffer in controlling pH of food items during various stages of processing as well as for the finished consumable item.
The COSMETICS industry also values a good buffering agent, so it uses sodium acetate in a wide variety of personal care items.
In PLASTICS manufacturing, sodium acetate is used as a retarder for elastomers (polymers with elastic properties of rubber) . The PHOTOGRAPHIC industry traditionally included sodium acetate in its developer formula.
Newer applications of sodium acetate include its use as a carbon source in WATER TREATMENT. Acetate is a safe and environmentally-friendly alternative to hazardous methanol for the denitrification of wastewater.
The PETROLEUM industry relies on sodium acetate as a buffering agent in petroleum production, drilling muds, and completion fluids.
The MEDICAL & PHARMACEUTICAL industry uses sodium acetate in formula for diuretic expectorants and systemic alkalizers. It is commonly used in dry blends for renal dialysis. The heat of crystallization generated by sodium acetate is widely and effectively used in the heat pack industry.
Another new application of this versatile chemical is in poultry farming. Sodium acetate is added to drinking water for chickens to help prevent disease conditions associated with overheating and dehydration.
All in all, sodium acetate indeed is a remarkable chemical. Its applications span a wide range of industries.
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