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Sodium alginate series includes industrial dye-printing grade sodium alginate and purpose-made dye-printing sodium alginate.
a. Printing paste
Sodium alginate has already been used in warp sizing, trimming paste and printing paste for a long time in history while mainly in the printing paste. It has specific function when used as active paste and color paste. Fibre has chemical reactions with active dyestuff to fix it onto the fibre. In dyeing process, the printing paste used should not disturb or join in the chemical reactive linkage otherwise it will be fixed onto the fibre, which makes the dyed fibre feel stiff and fragile and the color is not good. While when sodium alginate acts as the printing paste, it will not affect the dyeing process of active dyestuff and fibre nor produce the defects listed above. Thus it is not only fit for chandar ink but also applying to wool, silk and synthetic fibre's printings.
Middle and low-viscosity sodium alginates are all fit for the paste requirements from sieve-style printing to barrel-type printing. Actually, printing made from low-viscosity sodium alginates is more stable, which makes high-content printing paste possible. This kind of printing paste can produce compact film in drying process so as to increase the coloration rate.
b. Synthetic fiber
Mixed with asbestine short fibre and solidified by lime acetate, sodium alginate can prevent lime acetate rising and affecting human health. br
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