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NDY printing thickener
NDY printing thickener was developed by an associated lab which was build with Post doctorate-Industry Base of DAYA Corporation, Wuhan University, Wuhan University of Technology and Wuhan Textile University. NDY, a new-style thickener, which the main raw material was natural polysaccharide polymer, was applied a new multi-compound chemical process and composed of multi-component compositions.
NDY thickener was adopted advanced production technology--which has applied for national invention patent.
After over one and a half years lab test and dyeing test in several well-known local textile printing mills, NDY thickener was finally developed. The effectiveness of the application in dyeing is verified by the experiments. By way of using in production and application, NDY thickener was significantly higher than the cost advantages of alginate and was a completely substitution of sodium alginate.
NDY thickener has a lot of advantages over widely used thickener -- sodium alginate:
1. Over 10~20% higher color yield, save a lot of dyestuffs cost;
2. Better levelness, sharpness and better antiseptic property;
3. Better color paste stability than sodium alginate;
3. Good washing out;
4. Excellent solubility;
5. Suitable for all fixation processes;
6. Lower price: about 3000RMB/t less than sodium alginate.
Meanwhile, NDY brings similar softness as sodium alginate on printing fabrics. It is definitely the best choice and substitution for sodium alginate in printing.