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We can offer all viscosities sodium alginate in good quality as well as at competitive price!
Industrial grade sodium alginate mainly used in textile printing and dyeing industry: When using sodium alginate for printing paste, the reactive dye and fiber will not affect the dyeing process, at the same time the printed pattern clear, bright, high coloring capacity, feel good, not only fit in the printed cotton colors, also applies to wool, silk, synthetic fiber stamp.
1. low-viscosity: 700-800cps, for rotary screen printing, and the best should chose 800cps, it easy to through the net, good rheological properties, the biggest advantage of sodium alginate is easy to rinse, and this is not replaced by other organic polymer.
2. middle-viscosity: 1000cps, for rotary screen printing, flat screen printing. Suit for silk, cotton fabric dyeing and printing, ect. This scope of the viscosity is generally applied. 3. high-viscosity: (adjustable viscosity) for the printing roller, mainly used in non-woven fabrics, towels, ect. Required with higher viscosity in printing and dyeing industry.
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