Sell sodium benzoate powder and granular

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1) Applications:
a) Widely used as a preservative in food and medicines
b) Anti-icing fluid in automobiles, antirust agent of iron, steel and plastics ingredients
2) Specification: B. P. 1998, GB1902-94(food) and USP23, FCC, NF, JB

1) Purity (dry basis) : 99.0% (min. )
2) Heavy metals: 10ppm (max. )
3) Moisture: 2.0% (max. )
4) Acidity / alkalinity: not more than 0.2ml of 0.1m HCl or 0.1m NaOH
5) Color / clarity: a 10% w/v solution in carbon-dioxide water is clear and colorless
6) Halogenated compounds
a) Ionic chloride: 200ppm (max. )
b) Otal chlorine: 300ppm (max. )
Inner packing:
25kg/braided bag lined with PE plastic bag
50kg/iron drum lined with PE plastic bag
50 pound/paper bag
500kg/braided bag or according to customers' requirements
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