Sell sodium bicarbonate

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Molecular formula: NaHCO3
Molecule weight: 84.01
Appearance: white powder
NaHCO3: 99.0 to 100.5% (minimum)
Less on dry: 0.20% (maximum)
pH: 8.6 (maximum)
As: 0.0001% (maximum)
Pb: 0.0005% (maximum)
Ammonium salt: pass
Clearness: pass
Maximum loading weight in 1 x 20ft FCL container: 27MT

Granule thick: thickest coarse would be 20 mesh (864m)
Easy to flow, hard to be agglomerate
Can keep fresh in one year under common conditions
Whiteness highest: can reach 94.5
Can provide not only 40 mesh (beyond 381m) , 60 and 100 mesh (200, 144m) , but also above 100 mesh (140 downwards)

Various specifications are available
Used as food fermentation, detergent ingredient, carbon dioxide foamer, pharmacy, leather, ore milling and metallurgy, detergent for wool, extinguisher and metal heat-treating, fiber and rubber industry

HS code: 28363000
CAS: 144-55-8
Packing: 25 or 50kg plastic woven bags lined with one layer polythene bag (can meet all demands according to customer's need)
Net weight: 25kg
Gross weight: 25.1kg