Sell sodium chlorite (naclo2) liquid

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Sodium chlorite (soild) : white or light yellow green crystal, basic, light moist adsorption, easy soluble of water, alcohol. Sodium chlorite (particle) : stable in normal condition, stability: not less than Sodium hypochlorite, not more than Sodium chlorate; Solid & alkali solution (>170c) , decompose to sodium chlorate & sodiur cholriate. Meeting the acid, release chlorate dixoide. Prone to blast & fire, if meet with wood powder, organic compound, reducibility substance, or koncked, rub. Toxin.
Used in the making of chlorine dioxide, or blanching of textile, fiber, paper pulp, sand sugar, flour, wax etc, or certain metal surface-active handle, drink water clean, and waster handle etc.

Sodium Chlorite Liquid
Item Standard
Content of Sodium Chlorite(NaClO2) %greater than or equal to 25
Content of Sodium Chlorate(NaClO3) % less than or equal to 1.6
Content of Sodium Chloride(NaCl) % less than or equal to 2.4
Content of Sodium Hydroxide(NaOH) % less than or equal to 0.35
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