Sell sodium citrate

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sodium citrate
[Molecular weight]:294.10
HS : 2 9 l 8 1 5 0 0

[Specification]: 1030mesh,1040mesh,30100mesh,40100mesh.
[Specificity]:colorless or white crystal powder odourless, with salt taste, steady in normal air, lose crystal water when heated to 1500, readily soluble in water, difficulty in ethanol.
[Uses]:in food processing industry, used as buffer, chelate agent, nutrient additive, emulsfier, flavor for yoghurt. in pharmaceutical industry, used as anticoagulant and as preservative in syrup manufactured goods, buffer acidity acid in cold drink, prevent acid in dairy products, used as binder in cheese and minced meat, acid coagulant in jellies and jam, emulsifer and stabilizer, in cheese and ice cream