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Sodium Dodecyl Benzenesulfonate
(LAS-P60, P70, P80, P90, P93, P95)

Synonym:12 alkyl benzene sulfonate, Dodecyl benzenesulfonic acid, Acido dodecilbenceno Sulfonico, Acido sulfonico ADBS
CAS No.8046-53-5

Property:White to the cream-coloured powdery particle, nonpoisonous, tasteless, can be dissolved in water.


Item Standard
Appearance white powder
Active content 95% min.
Inorganic sulfate salts 2% max.
Moisture 3% max.
PH 9--10

Item Standard
Active content % 6012 7012 8012 9012
Density g/ml >0.2
Moisture % <3
PH (250C,1% water soln) 7-10
Appearance white to yellowish white powder

Packing:10kgs/carton with 10 small bags of 1kgs inside. or fibre drum of 20kgs net.

Applications:LAS has good ability to remove and keep particles in dispersion. This is utilized in detergents for textile to remove inorganic dirt like earth. The alkyl chain of the molecule adhere to the solid surface that mostly has a faint negative charge while the likewise negatively charged sulfonic group tries to reach as far out as possible into the water phase and by this keeps the particle in dispersion. LAS are stable against oxidation making them suitable to use in mixtures containing oxidants like e. g. bleaching agents. They do not work well in hard water where water insoluble calcium soaps are precipitated. This is compensated by using them in mixtures together with softening substances and other surfactants. In oil based systems the calcium salts of LAS keep wear and soot particles in dispersion and they are therefore used in motor oil to prevent deposits in the motor.
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