Sell sodium ethoxide-ethanol solution

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Sodium ethoxide-ethanol solution
[CAS NO. ] 141-52-6
[Chemical name] Sodium ethoxide-ethanol solution
[Structure] CH3-CH2-ONa
[Formula] C2H5ONa
[Molecular weight] 68.05
[Characteristics] Red-brown transparent liquid
[Standard based on]Q/321283GRC01-2000
[Usage] Intermediate for Phenylbutazone, Piroxicam, pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals.
[Package] 180kg/iron drum
Assay 20-21%
Content of Benzene <=1%
Free base<=0.5%
Water soluble test clear
It is produced by the new technology of dehydration between Ethanol and Sodium hydroxide. Because of its advanced level, it was approved as one of the spark plans of Jiangsu province by Jiangsu provincial scientific authorities: su-ke-jian-zi (96) No.126, and listed as one of the torch plans of the State in 1997.