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Appearance :white granular or crystalline powder
1. Used in leather industry, serves as camouflage salt in the chrome tanning method.
2. Used in catalyst and stabilizer compositions, and in the printing and dyeing of textiles, paper as a reducing agent.
3. Used as the raw material in the manufactuers of sodium hydrosulphite, formic acid and oxalic acid.
4. Used as drilling fluid and completion fluid in oil field, used as road antifreeze and cement antifreeze.
5. Deicing chemical:Sodium formate is less corrosive and undergoes fast melting action relative to other deicing chemicals.
6. Buffering agent:sodium formate improves both desulfurization efficiency and increasing lime absorbent utilization.

Packing: Packed in 25kgs net polywoven bag, inner with PVC bag inside.
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