Sell sodium hexametaphosphate

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Detailed Product Description

Sodium Hexametaphosphate, shmp, food additives 68%
Molecular Formula(NaPO3)6
M. W. : 611.77
Basic Characteristics: Melting point of 616 (decomposition) , the relative density of 2.484 g/cm3 (20 ) , soluble in water, do not dissolve in organic solvents, transparent glass sheet of white granulated or crystal, strong Hygroscopicity.
Industrial-grade quality standardsHG/T2519-93
Food-grade quality standardsGB1890-2005
Industrial Grade Food Grade
Total phosphateP2O5>=68.0% 68.0
Non-active phosphateP2O5<=7.50% 7.50
Iron, as Fe<=0.05% 0.05
Ph value1% solution<=5.8~7.3 5.8~6.5
Solubility Qualified Qualified
Water insoluble <= 0.05 % 0.06
---- Heavy metals, as Pb<=0.01%
---- Arsenic, as As<=0.0003%
---- Fluoride, As F<=0.03%

1. Industrial use
2. used as a water softening agent
3. used as a floating agent.
4. used as a adhesive agent.
5. use as cleaner in textile, dyeing industry.
6. Food use
It is mainly used as a modifier for the canned food, fruit juice beverages, dairy products and soymilk, and so on. .
Storagedry and hermetic.
PackagingPlastic-woven sack with inner polythene film, net weight at 25,50 or 1,000kg.