Sell sodium hydrosulfite

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odium hydrosulphite
Quality standard: HG2074-2004, JISK1476-1995, HG/T2682-1995
Molecular formula: Na2S2O4
Appearance: white free-flow crystal powders
Packing: 15kg, 25kg ,50kg or 100kg net in iron drums with double inner polybags.
1. Widely used in textile industry for vat dyeing, reduction cleaning, printing and stripping, textile textile bleaching .
2. It is also used in bleaching paper pulps , especially mechanical pulps, its the most fittable bleaching agent in pulps.
3. It is used in bleaching kaolin clay, fur bleaching and reductive whitening, bleaching of bamboo products and straw products,
4. It is used in mineral, the compound of thiourea and other sulphides.
5. It is used as reducing agent in chemical industry.
6. Sodium hydrosulfite food additive grade is used in foodstuffs, as bleaching agent and preservative dried fruits, dried vegetable, vermicelli, glucose, sugar, rock sugar, caramel, candy, liquid glucose, bamboo shoots, mushrooms and canned mushrooms.
Supply Capacity
6,500 MTS per month
Minimum Order Quantity
1 fcl