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Sodium Hypophosphite
Molecular Formula: NaH2PO2 . H2O
Property:White crystal, easily absorbing moisture and be slaked in the air, easily soluble in water and alcohol. If heated above 2000C, it will be suddenly decomposed with hydrogen phosphine released. Moreover, it is a good strong reducer, and contacted with oxidizing agent, it can be exploded.
Specification(1) :
Item Specification
Sodium Hypophosphite (NaH2PO27H2O) >= 100.0
Phosphite (Na2HPO3) <= 0.3
Sulfate (SO4) <= 0.01
Calcium (Ca) <= 0.004
Iron (Fe) <= 0.0001
Chlorine (Cl) <= 0.01
Arsenic (As) <= 0.0001
Lead (Pb) <= 0.0002
PH 6-8

Specification(2) :
Item Specification
Sodium Hypophosphite (NaH2PO27H2O) >= 102.0
Phosphite (Na2HPO3) <= 0.2
Sulfate (SO4) <= 0.008
Calcium (Ca) <= 0.003
Iron (Fe) <= 0.0001
Chlorine (Cl) <= 0.008
Arsenic (As) <= 0.0001
Lead (Pb) <= 0.0001
PH 6-

1. Chemical plating agents: After being plated chemically, the metal surface have solid, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, even and compact alloy-plated layer. It can be widely applied to electronics, machines, petroleum, chemical, aviation, navigation, food, pharmaceutical etc.
2. It can add a metal layer on the surface of plastics, ceramics, glass, quartz etc.
3. Water treatment, and manufacture of various industrial corrosion preventing agent and scale inhibiting agent for oil fields.
4. Additive for food and industrial boiler water.
5. Acting as catalyst and stabilizing agent for chemical reactions.
6. Acting as antioxidant, anti-decolorizing agent, dispersing agent, as well as applicable to textile finishing and pharmaceuticals.
Output: 6000t/y
Storage:Dark, cool, dry, ventilated, and hermetically sealed for storage.
Package: Packed in plastic bags lined with PVC plastic bag with the per-bag capacity of 25kg11.0%.