Sell sodium metabisulfite

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(1) :Properties: It is white or yellowish crystalline powder, relative density: 1.4; soluble in water(200C 54g/100ml of water; 1000C 81.7g/100ml of water) . Aqueous solution is acid; soluble in glycerin, slightly soluble in ethanol. Will be decomposed in humid conditions, and oxidized into sodium sulfate in open air; will relsease sulfur dioxide when contacting strong acids; will be decomposed at 1500C.
(2) :Use: In the manufacture of chloroform, solasulfone and benzaldehyde; as coagulator in rubber industry; as dechlorinating agent and cooking auxilairy in cotton fabrics; used in leather treatmetn in tanner industry; in the manufacture of hydroxycitronellal and hydroxylamine; as developer; as bleaching agent, preservative, anti-oxidant in food industry. As per GB2760-86, use level for fruit wine is 0.25g/kg max. ; for wine, sugar, bamboo shoot is 0.45g/kg max. ; Residues(SO2) in bamboo shoot and mushroom: 0.025g/kg max. ; in fruit wine and sugar: 0.05g/kg; for others: 0.1g/kg max.

(3) :Packing: In plastic woven bag lined with food-grade PE bag. Net wt. 25kgs, 50kgs, 1000kgs. Packing bags shold be labeled such signs as "Food-additive Sodium Metabisulfite" and "Prevent Moisture adn Heat". Trademark: "Lanxiang".
(4) Storage & Protection: Should be stored in dry and cool place; avoid dampness and heat; maintain the integrity of packing. No mixing with oxidants adn toxic articles. Shelf life is 6 months. Conveyance viechles shoudl be clean with coveri to prevent rain.