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Sodium silicates molecular formula is Na2O7nSiO2, it is mainly used

silicates products such as silicate gel, precipitated silica, sodium

metasilicate, silica sol, powdery sodium silicate, In light industry,

the product is a indispensability raw material to manufacture detergent

such as laundry powder and which as well as it is a product to

intenerate water and help subsiding. In weave industry, the product is

applied to help dyeing, blanch, make spinning with the paste. In

machine industry, the produt is applied widely to found, make grinding

wheel and metal antiseptic, etc. . In construction industry, the product

is applied to manufacture speediness dry cement, acid-resistent cement,

waterproof oil, soil curing agent, fire-resistent material, etc. . In

agriculture field, the product is applied to manufacture silicon-

element fertilizer.
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