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Product Name: Sodium Sulphide Molecular formula: Na2S
Molecular weight: 78.6(on the count of sodium sulphide)
Character: industry sodium sulfide-the mixture with different crystal water, impurity, pink, brown, soil yellow, etc
Place of Origin: China
1, Sodium sulphide yellow flake low iron:
2, Sodium sulphide red flake
1) Na2S: &gr;60%
2) Fe: <=0.15% (1,500ppm)
3) Na2CO3: <=5.0%
4) Water insoluble: <=0.4%
Used as making sulphur dyes or dyestuff intermediate reducers, mordant, flotation agent, depilatory for leather, digestion auxiliary in paper-making, also widely used in pigment and rubber industry.
25kg plastic woven bag or 150kg iron drum